Late Policy. I Have 5 minute late policy. After 5 minutes I cannot guarantee you will be seen, but if you call/text/email prior to your late appointment, I will do my best to fit you in. However out of respect for the guest scheduled after you, since the majority of my service times are only 15 minuets long, after five minutes, we may have to reschedule. 

Canceling/rescheduling- Please give 12 hour notice when canceling or rescheduling. I will generally allow a few if your appointment is 30 minutes or less, however you are subject to a 30% charge for not canceling or rescheduling before the 12 hour dead line. In the event that you missed the deadline to cancel/reschedule your appointment due to an accident, medical, or child related emergency the fee will be waved with proof of that emergency.

No-shows- If you no-show your appointment you will be charged 30%.

Groupon Policy.
Booking- Same day appointments available but not guaranteed.  I tend to book out about a week so please call ahead of time. I will need to verify your voucher by name or voucher number when you book the appointment in case of no shows. If you book online please text me your voucher number with the name you booked your appointment under.
Expiration-  Groupon promotional value expires 90 days of purchase. NO EXCEPTIONS (dates extended by Groupon are NOT valid) Amount paid does not expire, but must all be used at one time.
NO Shows- If you NO Show a scheduled appointment, your Voucher will be redeemed NO EXCEPTIONS. 
Canceling/rescheduling- If 12 hour deadline wasn’t met, you will be charged the standard 30% if you booked on line, or your voucher will be redeemed.

Calling to book. Please leave a message if you couldn't reach me OR TEXT ME, this means I am with a guest, I am out and about and I cant get to my phone or I am home and my dogs saw a squirrel out the window and I know I wont be able to hear you or you hear me until they stop barking or a find a room to lock myself in. I do not return calls without messages. I get about 15 calls a day from someone trying to loan me money, update my card processor or sell me add space. If I return every call that doesn't leave a message I would never have time to get your services done! So leave a message or you wont get called back.

Additional time policy. Here at Dare To Be Bare I try to keep waxing affordable so everyone can do it! This means I don't charge an additional product charge. However I DO charge an "additional time" charge. There are set times for each service, if you want to know how long your scheduled service should take please ask. Some grow more hair, some have more surface area to wax, some have limited pain tolerance, and some insist on waxing even if the hair is too short. If time allows me to finish your service or if we have to reschedule to finish (I will not make a guest who is scheduled wait if your wax is taking to long) you will be charged $10 for each additional 15 minute time slot we enter excluding the five minuets wiggle room you are given IF you are late. Please let me know if you think you will need additional time, if you don't want to have to reschedule.