Do you struggle with ingrown hairs? There are many things we do and use on a daily basis that contribute to the amount of ingrown hairs and after wax break outs you may expirence. So lets educate you, and figure out why your skin is freaking out!

WATER! The number one reason for ingrown hairs and after wax break outs, is dehydration! in todays word we are generally not drinking enough water. You should be consuming a minimum of half your body weight in ounces, as well as 2 8oz glasses of water for every alcoholic or caffeinated beverage consumed. 

SWEAT! Are you sweating all day in the same panties? or working out and not showering before you head home? Sweating is a way for the body to detoxify itself. Therefor sweat contains bacteria, this bacteria if not washed off right away or being worn next to the skin all day works its way into the hair follicle and begins to cause chaos. Shower after you work out, or find a fast drying material for your panties, so it dries fast instead of sitting on the skin.

CELL BUILD UP! You're not exfoliating enough. Not removing the dead skin cells makes it hard for those hair to poke through the skin, it also make it pointless to moisturize, no reason to nourish the dead skin cells that are ready to come off but may just need a little extra help. This isnt just for waxed areas! This is the BEST things you can do for the skin. 

UNDERWARE! Certain panties are just not right for hair regrowth. They allow no breathing, no movement and therefore force your hairs to grow under the skin. The best undies are a soft cotton pair that id soft on the skin and dry quickly. I highly recommend trying MEUNDIES if you struggle with ingrown hairs. They are super soft cotton, dry very fast, are not to thick, or to thin, and come in a ton of fun patterns.