Hi, I’m Ashli,

owner of Dare To Be Bare. First I want to tell you a little bit about myself, and then I will share a bit about Dare To Be Bare, how it came to be and my goals for the future of my business!

About your owner: I love tattoos and fun colored hair. I have a huge Golden Girls tattoo and it is my all time favorite! Those women shaped my existence, and I have always been told I am an old soul. I NEVER work Halloween, its my favorite holiday & I’m busy dressing up :) I love to bake and do arts and crafts in my free time. I struggle to maintain my body weight, so I eat like its going out of style. Because of this doughnuts are my favorite food group, however, I do not discriminate! I was incredibly insecure as a child and teenager, I was always picked on for being skinny. I have to actively be trying to gain weight just to maintain a healthy body weight. I’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember and family means the world to me. I have four younger siblings that are 7-18 years younger than me so being a care taker kind of comes with the territory. I’m also a Pisces and a huge introvert. (Strangely enough though, I am not an introvert at work. And my guest have a hard time believing that!) I’m known for my Brazilians and eyebrow services.

The start of Dare To Be Bare: I became an Esthetician in November 2013. I had put just over three years into the cooperate beauty industry when I decided that I wanted to start my own business. I wasn’t ok with sacrificing my values, jumping through hoops, selling products I didn’t stand by, or getting up everyday to go to work for a company that I didn’t absolutely love! So I got my Salon Mangers license and started toying with the idea of Dare To Be Bare. The ball started rolling very fast and before I knew it I had a rental space lined up, a phenomenal studio partner, and was contacting the Secretary of State to do business as Dare To Be Bare. On June 14th 2016 Dare To Be Bare opened its doors and changed the way I look at my career forever.

Dare To Be Bare now: Owning Dare To Be Bare gives me freedom and flexibility both in and out of my career. I create my own schedule, book all of my own appointments, and represent the values that are important to me. Honesty, simplicity, creativity, and empowerment are the most important in my life. And owning Dare To Be Bare has given me the opportunity to honor these values in everything I do. At Dare To Be Bare I want you to feel comfortable and open enough to be unapologetically you, and I can promise you that’s what you will get from me. I encourage all women to book an appointment, and try a service at Dare To Be Bare, especially those of you who; feel shy and insecure about your body, have had a bad service and swear to never wax again, if you are a trans woman with concerns of discrimination, or if you just want to feel sexy in your own skin. You are my passion. You are why I do what I do!

* Dare To Be Bare is a judgment free zone, so please be yourself*

The future of Dare To Be Bare: My goals for Dare To Be Bare are to provide a flexible work environment for other woman in the industry, especially those with children. A place where you feel at home away from home, and you aren’t afraid of losing your job or having your hours cut for calling into work. (This happened to me at one of my cooperate positions due to an excess of migraine headaches, that were actually being caused by not having the right equipment at work!) I want my future employees to be able to ask for what they need with confidence that they will receive it! I want my future employees to always feel valuable, and never expendable.. So please when you are thinking about getting waxed, or getting any beauty service, think small. Cooperate beauty business don’t treat their employees well, to them we are all just fish in a sea of other fish.