Hi, I’m Ashli,

owner of Dare To Be Bare. I became an esthetician in November 2013. After a few years in the industry, and a few different cooperate companies, I started to realize the type of business I wanted to be apart of, and that where I was at, was not where I wanted to be. I couldn’t find a company that shared in my business values, or my personal values. So I decided that with most of my awake hours spent at work, I wasn’t willing to be anything but 100% satisfied with what I do.
So I started Dare To Be Bare, I have flexibly and freedom in my business and to me that is so important, and I want to one day provide that to other woman in the industry who have this passion but don’t have the means to start their own business. At Dare To Be Bare I am able to combine my love for waxing, my eye for detail and creativity, and my passion for empowering woman and helping them feel beautiful in their own skin, in a way that makes me feel fulfilled in my career. I welcome all woman to stop in. Especially those of you who are too shy, feel insecure about your body, have had a terrible experience in the past, or just want to feel sexy for yourself in your own skin… because you are my passion in my business!